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CCC Manual (2005-2014)

posted on 2019-01-17, 08:54 authored by Karel Dibbets

CCCmanual is a series of HTML webpages containing a manual for the editors of Cinema Context for online data entry. Cinema Context is a historical data collection for the history of film culture, in particular the screening and distribution of films in the Netherlands. The data collection and the website are managed by the Library of the University of Amsterdam. NWO has been the main financier of the instrument.

In 2005, project leader Karel Dibbets developed a detailed online manual for the team entering and editing data. Since the development of a new Cinema Context Editor in 2017, this manual was effectively outdated (as are the data model diagrams that are included in it). It is useful to archive the old manual, because it helps understanding the process of data entry and handling that was in place before 2014.




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  • Cultural Heritage & Identity