Balance deficits in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms and low back pain.

Published on by Tom Vredeveld
Low back pain and lower urinary tract symptoms frequently co-exist. These conditions are known to cause poor balance in men and women carrying out activities or standing still. Balance is defined by stability and postural control. The latter is described as the activity that is needed to maintain a stable position. However, it is unknown whether the postural control is affected more in people with both low back pain and lower urinary tract symptoms, compared to individuals with only one condition. A vertical ground reaction force platform is used to record the center of pressure. From alterations of the center of pressure, parameters such as the peak velocity or mean displacement can be calculated, that may indicate a decrease of postural control. This research aims to provide a better insight in the in people suffering from both conditions and the effect on physical functioning in daily life. The balance tasks include standing still on one leg and quiet standing still on both legs with eyes open and eyes closed. The measurement of center of pressure in this study is not performed using laboratory grade force platforms. Instead, the measurements are performed using a Wii Balance Board, which is portable and widely available. It enables the researchers of this project to use it in a variety of physiotherapy practices and other clinical settings. Although the clinimetric properties of the Wii Balance Board were tested before, our protocol of tests was not. Therefore, we designed a study to test the validity and reliability of our protocol with the Wii Balance Board in healthy adults compared to a laboratory grade Kistler platform, off which the documentation is described in a different project on FigShare. This project page contains information on the study protocol, data management plans, data code books and other related meta-data.

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