A high-resolution multi-shell 3T diffusion magnetic resonance imaging dataset as part of the Amsterdam Ultra-high field adult lifespan database (AHEAD)

Published on by M.C. Keuken
In order to further our understanding of brain function and the underlying networks, more advanced diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW MRI) data are essential. Here we present freely available high-resolution multi-shell multi-directional 3 Tesla (T) DWI MRI data as part of the ‘Amsterdam Ultra-high field adult lifespan database’ (AHEAD). The 3T DWI AHEAD dataset include 1.28mm isotropic whole brain DWI data of 49 healthy adult participants between 18 and 90 years old. The acquired data include DWIs at three non-zero b-values (48 directions, b-value 700 s/mm2; 56 directions, b-value 1000 s/mm2; 64 directions, b-value 1600 s/mm2) including a total of twelve volumes with a b-value of 0 s/mm2 (b0 volumes). In addition, eight b0 volumes with a reversed phase encoding direction were acquired to correct for distortions. To facilitate future use, the DWI data have been denoised, corrected for eddy currents, susceptibility-induced off-resonance field distortions, bias fields, and are skull stripped.

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The data described here was acquired with financial support from STW/NWO (#14017, BUF, MJM and AA), Health~Holland TKI-PPP (LL, MWAC), ERC Consolidator (BUF), ERC PoC (BUF), and the NWO Vici (BUF).

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