University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Stacy Shinneman

Geoinformatician IBED (Information and Computing Sciences; Biological Sciences)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As the Geoinformatician at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, I support scientific staff and students with processing, management and knowledge transfer of geodata. I support ongoing research, generate spatial visualizations, and develop geospatial analysis workflows. I use my expertise to access, analyze, visualize and integrate multiple sources of information, including LIDAR data, weather and bird radar data, and GPS tracking data (UvA-BiTS). My research activities include data management, analysis/interpretation and visualization using R, ArcGIS or any computational tool that best solves the problem. I enjoy working on interdisciplinary, collaborative projects with multiple partners from across academia, industry, government and consulting. My work also includes fostering a collaborative work environment for researchers and students by ensuring that knowledge and skills are being communicated and shared efficiently.



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