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Richard - software for tennis probabilities

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posted on 2023-02-02, 21:03 authored by F. KlaassenF. Klaassen, Jan R. Magnus

User-friendly interface, source code, and documentation.

Richard is a computer program associated with the book Analyzing Wimbledon. The program computes the probabilities of winning the game (or tiebreak), set, and match at any point in a tennis match, updated for the actual score. The program also produces functions of these probabilities, such as the importance of a game in the set, or the importance of a point in the match.

The results are presented in a user-friendly graphical user interface, so that one can use the program without knowing the underlying calculations. Simply update the score on your computer while watching a match, and the interface presents the results immediately. The required software is freely available, including the source code underlying Richard.

The program can be used for in-play forecasting and betting, for TV commentating, and for statistical analysis. It applies to any professional tennis match: men/women, grand slam tournament or not, clay/grass/hard court. Chapters 2–4 and 10 of the book provide several examples.


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