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Slides presented at the online conference Movie Theatres in Wartime (19-20 Nov. 2020)

posted on 30.11.2020, 10:51 authored by T. van Oort
These are slide shows presented at the online conference Movie Theatres in Wartime: Film Distribution and Exhibition During World War II. This online event was a follow-up to the workshop “Film Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption during the Second World War” (Leuven, 2018) and the “Movie Theatres in Wartime” symposium (June 2020, scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, but due to Covid-19 downsized into an online event).

Scholars presented their ongoing research about film exhibition and distribution during World War II. The purpose was threefold: (1) developing and sharing methodological expertise in compiling, analysing and comparing data on historical film programming; (2) gaining more insight in the transnational patterns of film supply and demand during the war, across belligerent and neutral countries; (3) building and strengthening a network of scholars with a shared interest in the topic.

This event was produced by CREATE (University of Amsterdam), DICIS (Scientific Research Network on Digital Cinema Studies) and NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and organised by Thunnis van Oort, Roel Vande Winkel, Pavel Skopal and Clara Pafort-Overduin.

Speakers: Julia Noordegraaf (University of Amsterdam), Roel Vande Winkel (KU Leuven / LUCA School of Arts), Thomas Crombez (www.letterwerk.be), Maria Fritsche (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Thomas Hagen (ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre, Kristiansand), Suzanne Langlois (York University), Omer Merzić (Institute for Historical Research, University of London) Alejandro Kelly Hopfenblatt (University of Buenos Aires), Marina Moguillansky (University of Buenos Aires), Kateřina Tůmová (Masaryk University), Anthony Rescigno (University of Lorraine), Irina Tcherneva (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Oksana Maistat (Berlin University Humboldt), Andrzej Dębski (University of Wroclaw), Thunnis van Oort (University of Amsterdam), Clara Pafort-Overduin (Utrecht University), Terezia Porubcanska (University of Antwerp/Masaryk University in Brno), Karina Pryt (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main), and Pavel Skopal (Masaryk University).


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