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Temporal Lobe Connectome

online resource
posted on 18.05.2022, 10:48 authored by N.L.M. CappaertN.L.M. Cappaert, N.M. van StrienN.M. van Strien

The website features a detailed, interactive connectome of a small part of the brain.

DOI:  10.21942/uva.19786213.v1 

The website contains:

  • a connectome of the hippocampal formation, the parahippocampal region and the amygdala of the rat
  • a short neuroanatomical descriptions of the hippocampal formation, the parahippocampal region and the amygdala are provided. 
  • an overview of neuroanatomical tract tracing
  • a nomenclature dictionary to translate autor nomenclature  into a standard nomenclature of brain areas.


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