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TPOM-framework evaluation form English

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posted on 01.09.2022, 11:45 authored by J.H.F. van der BieJ.H.F. van der Bie, Nienke Nijhof

Use this form to evaluate your project or project setup with the Technology, People, Organizations and Macroenvironmental factors (TPOM) framework [doi: 10.2196/15068]. This version is adapted from the original version.

Start by stating the focus and type of project review.

Answer the questions per stated factor and dimension as complete as possible. Not all factors and dimensions should be considered equal and importance of dimensions can be weighted per project and evaluation phase.

If more information for a dimension is desired, define what actions need to be taken to further answer the dimension and the desired outcome.
If during the evaluation it is determined actions need to be performed to put more emphasis on a dimension in the project, define the action and desired outcome.

Use the notes section of each factor to notate ideas and other comments that are raised during the review, but do not fit the dimensions.

End by determining the review conclusion and continuation strategy.


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