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Part 2 - Avatar

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posted on 2023-03-15, 20:29 authored by L.D. EsselinkL.D. Esselink, F. RoelofsenF. Roelofsen, Jakub Dotlaçil, Shani Mende-Gillings, Maartje de Meulder, Nienke Sijm, Anika Smeijers

These videos contain the avatar animations from Part 2 of the evaluation study. The videos comprise shorter questions and statements (3 each), and longer questions and statements (also 3 each). The videos contain subtitles with question marks indicating separate words.
Sentences are as follows. The English text is followed by the gloss in parenthesis.

  1. Did you sleep well? (YOU GOOD SLEEP PALMS-UP)
  2. Do you use any medications? (YOU MEDICINE USE PALMS-UP)
  3. What are you allergic to? (YOU ALLERGIC FOR WHAT PALMS-UP)
  4. Please stay in bed. (YOU PLEASE BED STAY)
  5. I will come back later. (I LATER BACK)
  6. A colleague will come by soon to draw blood. (SOON COLLEAGUE COME BLOOD DRAW)
  7. Who is your general practicioner? (YOU GENERAL-PRACTITIONER WHO INDEX)
  8. Do you have hearing aids or a cochlear implant? (HEARING-AID OR COCHLEAR-IMPLANT HAVE YOU INDEX PALMS-UP)
  9. Have you had a Corona test in the past seven days? (PAST SEVEN DAY YOU ALREADY CORONA TEST INDEX PALMS-UP)
  10. Your Corona test results are negative. (YOU CORONA TEST RESULTS NEGATIVE)
  11. Sometimes the test is wrong, therefore we have to do more research. (SOMETIMES TEST WRONG THEREFORE WE MORE RESEARCH HAVE-TO)
  12. Sorry, I'm failing to insert the intravenous drip. I'll call a colleague. (SORRY INTRAVENOUS-DRIP FAIL I COLLEAGUE CALL)


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