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posted on 2023-08-23, 14:43 authored by L.D. EsselinkL.D. Esselink, Floris RoelofsenFloris Roelofsen, Jakub Dotlaçil, Shani Mende-Gillings, Maartje de Meulder, Nienke Sijm, Anika Smeijers

These are the videos of the evaluation survey instructions in NGT. They are named in the order in which they appeared in the survey.

  • Videos 1, 2, 3, and 4 were played at the beginning of the survey, before the start of Part 1. These videos introduced the study goals, informed consent, set-up of the survey, and explanation of the contents of Part 1.
  • Videos 5, 6, 7, and 8 were played directly after Part 1, at the beginning of Part 2. These videos introduced the structure of the questions that would appear in Part 2, and contained example questions.
  • Video 9 was played directly after Part 2, at the beginning of Part 3. This video introduced Part 3.
  • Video 10 was played directly after Part 3, at the beginning of Part 4. This video introduced Part 4.
  • Video 11 was played during Part 4, to indicate that the following questions would solely regard the method of the experiment, and not its contents.
  • Video 12 was played at the end of the experiment, to indicate that the participant had completed the survey.


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