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Biased polar questions in Sign Language of the Netherlands: Video data

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posted on 2022-12-07, 08:46 authored by M. OomenM. Oomen, F. RoelofsenF. Roelofsen

Video data of the productions of 6 signers of Sign Language of the Netherlands in a production experiment on biased polar questions. Each video file comprises five questions from one participant in one experimental condition. 

File naming convention: participant number - version (related to presentation of stimuli) - condition (- ignore; file identification code for research team)

Condition names:

declarative = declarative sentence (participants 03 to 07)

baseline = regular polar question

PosNeg etc. = first abbreviation indicates original speaker bias (positive/neutral/negative); second abbreviation indicates contextual evidence (positive/neutral/negative).


Questions in sign language

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