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VICTORY study - dataset

posted on 03.12.2021, 07:55 by Ewoud BaarsmaEwoud Baarsma, Joppe Hovius
This record contains meta-data on the VICTORY study, a diagnostic test accuracy study on cellular tests for Lyme borreliosis. The full protocol can be accessed via DOI 10.1186/s12879-019-4323-6.

The dataset for the VICTORY study can be obtained from the principal investigator for Amsterdam UMC (prof. Joppe Hovius) on behalf of the research partners at the Radboudumc and National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The dataset is available upon reasonable request and subject to certain limitations.

Conditions include:
- re-use of data for a scientifically valid and methodologically sound research project
- data will only be shared for collaborative efforts, not for use by third parties only
- de-identified data may not leave control Amsterdam UMC, Radbodumc or RIVM; anonymized data may also be used by a third party
- contractual obligations regarding the rights of participating commercial partners are respected (e.g., prior review of intended publications)
- legal rights of study participants are respected
- re-use is always subject to applicable law, institutional regulations and review by the medical ethics committee, if applicable.

Contact with the principal investigator can be sought via or


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