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The performance of he Dutch Safety Management System frailty tool to predict the risk of readmission or mortality in older hospitalised cardiac patients

posted on 30.08.2021, 08:55 by P. JepmaP. Jepma, L. VerweijL. Verweij, A. TijssenA. Tijssen, M.W. Heymans, R.J.G. Peters, Wilma Scholte op Reimer, B.M. Buurman, C.H.M. LatourC.H.M. Latour, Isabelle Flierman, G. ter RietG. ter Riet
The aim of this study was to estimate the performance of the Dutch Safety Management System (DSMS-tool) alone and combined with other predictors in predicting hospital readmission or mortality within six months in acutely hospitalised older cardiac patients. An individual patient data meta-analysis was performed on 529 acutely hospitalised cardiac patients ≥ 70 years from four prospective cohorts (Hospital-ADL study, Suprise question cohort, the Transitional Care Bridge and the Cardiac Care bridge study.

The included data contains the dataset with merged data of the four seperate studies and the syntaxes to merge these data.


Dutch Research Council (NWO) [023.009.036 [PJ]

Dutch Research Council (NWO) [023.008.024 [LV]


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