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The Amsterdam Ultra-high field adult lifespan database (AHEAD): A freely available multimodal 7 Tesla submillimeter magnetic resonance imaging database

posted on 03.06.2022, 07:42 authored by J.M. AlkemadeJ.M. Alkemade, Martijn J. Mulder, Josephine M Groot, Bethany. R. Isaacs, Nikita van Berendonk, Nicky Lute, S.J.S. IsherwoodS.J.S. Isherwood, P.L.E.A. BazinP.L.E.A. Bazin, B.U. ForstmannB.U. Forstmann

The Amsterdam Ultra-high field adult lifespan database (AHEAD) consists of 105 7 Tesla (T) whole-brain structural MRI scans tailored specifically to imaging of the human subcortex, including both male and female participants and covering the entire adult life span (19-80 yrs). Data was acquired at a submillimeter resolution using a single multi-echo magnetization-prepared rapid gradient echo (MP2RAGEME) sequence, resulting in complete anatomical alignment of quantitative, R1-maps, R2*-maps, T1-maps, T1-weighted images, T2*-maps, and quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM). Probability maps were created for five individual basal ganglia structures.


STW/NWO (#14017, BUF, MJM and AA), ERC PoC (BUF), NWO Vici (BUF).


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