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Survey Data

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posted on 2023-08-23, 14:42 authored by L.D. EsselinkL.D. Esselink, Floris RoelofsenFloris Roelofsen, Jakub Dotlaçil, Shani Mende-Gillings, Maartje de Meulder, Nienke Sijm, Anika Smeijers

These are the survey results of the evaluation study. Note that the file is in Dutch.   

  • The first tab, 'Data', contains the responses provided by participants
  • The second tab, 'Questions', contains the possible question/answer pairs from the survey (if applicable)
  • The third tab, 'Code Key', contains the key to the codes used in the 'Data' tab


ZonMw 10430042010027

Questions in sign language

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Quantification and modality in the realm of questions

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