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Social Distancing in America: Compliance with COVID-19 mitigation measures in the United States

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posted on 2020-11-04, 13:06 authored by C.F. Reinders FolmerC.F. Reinders Folmer, B. van RooijB. van Rooij, M.A. Brownlee, Adam Fine, M.E. KuiperM.E. Kuiper, E.H. OlthuisE.H. Olthuis, E.B. Kooistra, A.L. de Bruijn
Adherence to social distancing measures in the United States. Survey study (3 cohorts) on adherence to social distancing measures and its predictors. Raw data + syntax for data prep for all 3 surveys + combined dataset Waves 1-3.

For the analyses that are reported in the paper, the STATA files and syntax were used.

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