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Social Distancing in America: Compliance with COVID-19 mitigation measures in the United States

Adherence to social distancing measures in the United States. Survey study (3 cohorts) on adherence to social distancing measures and its predictors. Raw data
+ syntax for data prep for all 3 surveys (SPSS) + combined dataset Waves 1-3 (SPSS and Stata).

The analyses that are reported in the paper were conducted as follows:
(1) development of adherence and predictors: SPSS W1-W3 data file + syntax
(2) hierarchical regression analysis: Stata W1-W3 data file + syntax
(3) mediation analysis: Stata W1-W3 data file + syntax

These materials were revised on 17/6/21 (for journal revision).

For more information, please see https://corona-compliance.org/


NWO 440.20.033


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