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Reproduction Package Kalb et al. 2023

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posted on 2023-09-18, 12:54 authored by Sam KalbSam Kalb, Kenneth F Rijsdijk, Johannes De GroeveJohannes De Groeve, L.M. DenkersL.M. Denkers, E.E. van LoonE.E. van Loon, Johannes Foufopoulos

Reproduction package for Kalb et al. (2023)

This reproduction package contains the data and code to reproduce the results presented in Kalb et al. (2023).

Directory structure

data: directory where datasets are stored

  • all_data.csv present day and past island variables used as input for the statistical analysis
  • all_data_polygons.gpkg present day and past island polygons and associated variables used as input for the statistical analysis 
  • rasters_paleoclim directory with mean precipitation and MTWQ rasters (tiff) per period (present, 4500 BP, 8500 BP, 12000 BP, 13000 BP, 15000 BP, 17000 BP, LGM)

code: Directory with statistical analysis scripts

  • analysis.Rmd R-markdown file of statistical analysis 
  • analysis.html html rendered version of statistical analysis


Click the Rproj file in the root directory to open the project in Rstudio. From within Rstudio, navigate to analysis.Rmd and click the file to add it to the editor.


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