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Re-Organise - Game data

posted on 05.11.2021, 10:09 authored by K.P.H. LangeK.P.H. Lange, Gijsbert Korevaar
This is an anonymised data set from a game-based learning experiment performed in 2019. In the experiment, the effect of playing a business game called Re-Organise on learning about circular business model innovation was tested. The data set consists of four RDS-datafiles, containing the pre-test (prep) and post-test (iter) results of a game group and a control group of participants. In order to make the data more accessible, these RDS-files are exported to CSV-format using the R-script in the repository.

The data is available in both RDS- and CSV-format. A README file is added in TXT-format. And an R-script is included to show how RDS-files were exported to CSV.


NWO, project number 023.009.037

NWO SIA, project number 2015-03-03M


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  • Urban Technology