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NGT Nonsense Sign Repetition Task

posted on 04.11.2019, 09:45 by U. Klomp
File: participants ages and scores

This table includes data on participants who did the nonsense sign repetition task for NGT (developed by Klomp 2015). In this test, participants see two nonsense signs and they reproduce them when a blue screen appears. There are 4 practice items and 36 test items. It was developed for adults.

Column 1: participant number

Column 2: whether the participant was a deaf signer or a child of deaf adults (CODA)

Column 3: age at time of testing

Column 4: total score on the NGT-NSRT (see below)

Column 5: binary score on the NGT-NSRT (see below)

Column 6: the study where the data originally comes from


Participants could score 4 or 5 points per sign, depending on the level of the sign: one point for the correct handshape, one for correct movement (or two for two movements if applicable), one for the correct location and one for orientation. In total, participants can score 156 points. The total scores of the participants are shown in the column "nsrt-tot".

In addition, for comparison between scoring methods, every sign was scored as being simply correct/incorrect as a whole. This resulted in a "binary score".

File: scores per item and participant

This table was used for our statistical analyses with R. It shows the items of the NSRT, its specifications for level of handshape (1=simple or 2=complex) and movement (1=path movement, 2=internal movement or 3=combined), the maximum score that could be obtained per item, the participant number, the participant's obtained scores per item, and the participant's group.


Sign-Hub (Horizon 2020)


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Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication (ACLC)