Monitoring athletes, trainers, coaches and health professionals: Monitoring physical performance, agility and mental status in talented female athletes 2014-21015

- MATCH: Monitoring Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and Health professionals
- Knowledge of the epidemiology and severity of injuries and illness in young female elite athletes is lacking
- A monitor system (surveillance method) was developed for collecting data from questionnaires and physical tests
- The project resulted in several datasets (see reference to Figshare collection)

- Participants: 45 young elite Dutch female athletes participating in soccer (n=23) and basketball (n=22) talent development programs (CTO Amsterdam).
- Data collection: all athletes completed several physical, performance and agility tests (see fileset for more information) throughout the season 2014-2015. Additionally, basketball players completed a questionnaire with items on for example self-confidence, mental energy and behavior.
- Fileset contains three csv-files (one for soccer; two for basketball) and a pdf-file with details about the protocols used and a data dictionary.
- Because of the sensitive nature of the data, the fileset is confidential and will be shared only under strict conditions. For more information contact