Leaf wax n-alkanes of six tropical tree species along environmental gradient

2019-07-22T12:07:02Z (GMT) by M.L. Teunissen van Manen
Data presented in "Leaf wax n-alkane patterns of six tropical montane tree species show species-specific environmental response".
Data contains site code (SITE), altitude (ALT), mean annual temperature (MAT) and mean annual relative air humidity (RH) and respective standard deviation (.sd) and coefficient of variance (%)(.coef). Mean annual precipitation was obtained from the CHELSA dataset (Karger et al., 2017).
Sample information (species name (SP), lab id field code (CODE) and replicate label (REP)) are given. n-Alkanes (C23-C33) are given in ng/gram of dried sample (ng/g dried sample). Total n-alkane concentration (CONw) is in ng/g dried sample. Average chain length (ACL) and the C31/(C31+C29) ratio (RATIO) are calculated based on the n-alkane data. Dried sample weight (WEIGHT) is given in grams and was used to standardized n-alkanes to the given ng/g of dried sample.
SEQUENCE contains lab procedure information like period of analysis and series of calibration.