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Final datafile: protein needs per kg body weight or FFM?

posted on 24.11.2021, 09:05 by Inge Dekker, Natascha Rijssen, A.M. VerreijenA.M. Verreijen, H. KruizengaH. Kruizenga, P.J.M. WeijsP.J.M. Weijs

This item contains two similar datafiles in different formats (.dat & .sav). The content of the files is a merge of 7 datafiles from AUMC, and 4 datafiles from ANAC (re-used datafiles) and includes the following variables:



Height in cm

Weight in kg

Resistance by BIA at 50kHz

Reactance by BIA at 50kHz

For ANAC files: fat free mass by air displacement plethysmograpy (BodPod), in kg.

Datafiles are only available upon request and approval by the lectorate Exercise and Nutrition. Associated data documentation is archived and also possibly available upon request.




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  • Urban Vitality