2018-09-06T13:55:09Z (GMT) by C.D. Vavourakis

Alignments (.mafft) were made based on 8-16 ribosomal proteins of 871 MAGs reconstructed from metagenomes from hypersaline soda lake sediments and reference genomes used to construct a tree of life (Hug, L. A., Baker, B. J., Anantharaman, K., Brown, C. T., Probst, A. J., Castelle, C. J., ... & Suzuki, Y. (2016). A new view of the tree of life. Nature microbiology, 1, 16048.).

Phylogenetic trees were constructed with Fasttree and 100x posterior bootstraps were calculated (.tre).

Trees and metadata can be visualized in iTOL ( with the accompanied datafiles (.txt)