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Reason: Dataset contains sensitive personal data of children. Data might be traceable to the individual child, and can therefore not be disclosed

Dataset (SPSS-file) related to "Concurrent validity and discriminative ability of Dutch performance-based motor tests in 5 to 6 years old children"

posted on 30.10.2019, 13:46 by Marlou L. A. De Kroon, W.G. van Kernebeek, H.M. Toussaint, Sijmen Reijneveld, Henrica CW de Vet

This dataset contains complete testing outcomes of three different motor skill tests, namely the Movement Assessment Battery for Children, the Baecke-Fassaert Motor Test, and the 4- and 8-Skills Scan.

The study sample consists of 219 primary school children of 5 to 6 years old.

Testing took place at 3 schools in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Project: MAMBO (Measuring Motor Skills Primary School Amsterdam)

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