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posted on 26.01.2018 by E.J. Klok, J. Kluck
The dataset exists of air temperature data measured at 15 locations on the Zuidas in Amsterdam between 24 June and 7 October 2016. The coordinates of the locations are given in the spread sheet.

Sensors TRH1 and TRH2 are TinyTag TV-4505 data loggers with an external probe. The temperature is measured by a 10k NTC thermistor. Sensors T01-T13 are TinyTag TV-4020 data loggers with an external probe. This probe also uses a 10k NTC thermistor to measure the temperature. The resolution of the 10k NTV thermistor is 0.02 ºC.

All probes were installed in a radiation shield (M & R model 511-10). The scan speed was 1Hz. Every 5 minutes the average temperature was stored.

The sensors were attached to lamp posts, the measuring height of which was between 3.5 and 4 meters. The sensors were mounted on the north side to minimize the influence of solar radiation.


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