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Corpus data for Early English modals

posted on 30.06.2020, 08:53 by Sune Gregersen
This dataset contains corpus material analysed for the PhD dissertation Early English modals: Form, function, and analogy by Sune Gregersen. The research project was carried out at the University of Amsterdam from 2015 to 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Olga Fischer.

The dissertation contains four interconnected studies on the development of the modals in Old English (c. AD 800–1100) and Middle English (c. AD 1100–1500). The corpus material in this dataset was used for these four studies. The data were gathered from a number of electronic corpora and repositories of Old and Middle English as well as historical and contemporary Danish texts.

The files in this dataset are organized into five folders. One of these (corpus) contains metadata. The remaining four folders (impersonal-modals, dare, can-may, mot) contain one or more files with concordances used for the four main chapters of the dissertation. The files are available in .xlsx and .csv format. For details about the analytical categories and information about the selection of material, please refer to the published dissertation.


NWO project no. 326-70-001


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