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Geomorphology model (ArcMap version), input datasets and legend symbology files

posted on 08.02.2021, 10:50 by Matheus De Jong, Henk Pieter Sterk, Stacy Shinneman, Arie C. Seijmonsbergen

Original model developed in 2016-17 in ArcGIS by Henk Pieter Sterk (www.rfase.org), with minor updates in 2021 by Stacy Shinneman and Henk Pieter Sterk. Model used to generate publication results:

Hierarchical geomorphological mapping in mountainous areas Matheus G.G. De Jong, Henk Pieter Sterk, Stacy Shinneman & Arie C. Seijmonsbergen. Submitted to Journal of Maps 2020, revisions made in 2021.

This model creates tiers (columns) of geomorphological features (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3) in the landscape of Vorarlberg, Austria, each with an increasing level of detail. The input dataset needed to create this 'three-tier-legend' is a geomorphological map of Vorarlberg with a Tier 3 category (e.g. 1111, for glacially eroded bedrock). The model then automatically adds Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 categories based on the Tier 3 code in the 'Geomorph' field. The model replaces the input file with an updated shapefile of the geomorphology of Vorarlberg, now including three tiers of geomorphological features. Python script files and .lyr symbology files are also provided here.


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