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Annotations of plural reduplication in NGT (corpus & elicited data)

posted on 2023-11-09, 10:08 authored by C.M.J. van BovenC.M.J. van Boven

This item contains annotations that were made as part of the PhD project “Morphological reduplication in Sign Language of the Netherlands: A typological and theoretical perspective”. The topic of this specific study is plural reduplication in Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT). The annotations were made for two types of video data: a corpus data set and an elicited data set. The methods are explained more elaborately in Van Boven (2020, 2021). 

The Excel file  ‘plural reduplication – annotations’  contains the annotations made for both data sets.

The PDF file 'README - plural reduplication - annotations explained' contains a guide through the Excel file, explaining more about the methods, the data set, and the annotation values.

The method used to gather the elicited data is a gap-filling task. A complete translation of the background questions, instructions, and items of the gap-filling task can be found in the PDF file 'gap-filling task - translated'.

Edit November 2023: Four additional files were uploaded. The file ‘Plurals in NGT_analysis.Rmd’ contains the statistical analyses of the corpus and elicited data, as reported on in Van Boven (2021). An HTML-version of this file is also available (‘Plurals-in-NGT_analysis.HTML’). The analyses were conducted in R (R Development Core Team. 2008. R: A language and environment for statistical computing. Vienna: R Foundation for Statistical Computing. The other two newly uploaded files are the input for the statistical analyses:

  • A .csv version of the Excel file with annotations (‘plurals_reduplication_annotations.csv’), which contains the same annotations as the Excel file, only the file extension is different;
  • And the .csv-file ‘Mouthings_bothannotators’,  since a representative sample of the annotations of mouthings was checked by a native signer, as explained in Van Boven (2021). This file shows the type of mouthing each annotator observed: no mouthing (none); a singular Dutch word (singular); a plural Dutch word (plural); or a reduplicated Dutch word (reduplication).


NWO PhDs in the Humanities, project number PGW19.003


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