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posted on 07.07.2021, 13:24 by F. Ramos RomanF. Ramos Roman, Justus UitermarkJustus Uitermark
DUIA includes data on the socio-economic development and amenities of 86 cities from a total of 32 countries. DUIA is based on freely and easily available data sources and built on integration protocols and codes in R scripts, making both the construction of the database as a whole and specific statistical analyses fully transparent and replicable. DUIA is constructed in three steps. First, we draw upon remote sensing derived data from the Atlas of Urban Expansion to define city boundaries as accurately and consistently as possible across the different countries. Second, we draw upon survey data stored in IPUMS (Integrated Public Use Microdata Series) to include extensive, harmonized, and disaggregated data. Third, as we especially seek to contribute to comparative research outside the West, we developed tailor-made solutions to include Indian and Chinese cities for which data were not available in IPUMS.


VIDI Grant Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research #452-17-003


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