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3D digital reconstruction of Nihonbashi Street in the year of 1805 as a historical hypothesis

posted on 30.09.2021, 10:42 by Gamze SaygiGamze Saygi

The 3D reconstruction digitally represents street life on Edo’s (present-day Tokyo) Nihonbashi Street at the southwest corner of Honshirogane-cho Street during the Bunka Era at the beginning of the 19th century - specifically, in 1805 - as accurately as the historical evidence allows. It attempts to present a particular instance of street life in a visual way that spatializes historical knowledge and presents a legitimate hypothesis on lost built environment of Tokyo.

For the method and data resources please see: Saygi G. and Yasunaga M. (forthcoming). The digital urban experience of a lost city: using mixed methods to depict the historical street life of Edo/Tokyo. Magazen, International Journal for Digital and Public Humanities, 2(2).


The Freedom of the Streets. Gender and Urban Space in Europe and Asia (1600-1850)

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

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