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Buonaguidi (2022), Symmetry, locality and hyperintensionality

conference contribution
posted on 27.07.2022, 13:54 authored by Maria Beatrice Buonaguidi

Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2022 Student Session

Symmetry, locality and hyperintensionality

Maria Beatrice Buonaguidi

In response to an article by Odintsov and Wansing which defines a formal notion of hyperintensionality and claims that, according to this notion, Leitgeb’s logic HYPE cannot be hyperintensional, I put forward three notions of hyperintensionality. I show that HYPE satisfies only the weakest of these three notions, and claim that HYPE can be understood as a sort of middle ground between an intensional logic and a hyperintensional logic.


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