Project files August 2019

2019-08-07T08:20:24Z (GMT) by D.S. Kringos
The following project files are currently available:

- The project metadatascheme

- Data Privacy Protocol: Procedure privacy protection and data-handling

- Interview protocol First consultation round

- QRP assessment and data extraction form

- Data Analyse Plan of the questionnaire on Questionable Research Practices

- Gerrits RG, Jansen T, Mulyanto J, et al. Occurrence and nature of questionable research practices in the reporting of messages and conclusions in international
scientific Health Services Research publications: a structured assessment of publications authored by researchers in the Netherlands. BMJ Open 2018;9:e027903.

- Focusgroep guide

- Data Analysis Plan ‘Exploring factors associated with responsible and questionable reporting of conclusions in Health Services Research’

- Survey on publication practices in health services research